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Sep 06 2014Volkswagen VW Audi A/C Compressor Sanden PXE16 / PXE14 control valve air conditioning EOS Jetta Passat A3 10335 Volkswagen VW Audi A/C Compressor Sanden PXE16 / PXE14 control valve air conditioning EOS Jetta Passat A3 10335 Brand: VOLKSWAGEN Product Code: Tiguan Availability: 154 Price: $100 00 $44 00 Ex Tax: $44 00

Ac Relay Location: Looking for Fuse and Relay Location and

The air conditioner compressor has no relay it is integrated into the coolant fan control module You can see by the wiring diagrams below and here is what the book says: Compressor Clutch Engagement - The compressor clutch and coolant/condenser fan(s) for this vehicle are controlled by the Coolant Fan (FC) Control Module J293

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VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Air Conditioner Problem - Manual Controls - 2002 1 8t Ive got a 2002 1 8t passat manual with manual air conditioning controls Lately Im having air conditioning problems Heres the symptoms A) The air conditioner (including compressor and fan(s)) doesnt come on until the car has ran for 6 to 12 minutes B) The hotter the

Volkswagen Passat AC Is Not Working

What are common reasons my Volkswagen Passat has air conditioning problems? While there are a variety of reasons your Volkswagen Passat air conditioning won't work the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak an electrical climate control issue or a problem with the air conditioning compressor 37% of the time it's AC Refrigerant Leak 21% of

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If your AC compressor on your Volkswagen Jetta GTI Golf Passat Tiguan is not working proper a faulty AC Compressor Control Solenoid Valve maybe the problem This Control Valve is located on the front of the AC compressor and is secured to the compressor with a snap ring

Volkswagen Passat Air Conditioner Problems

Feb 10 2017Volkswagen Passat owners have reported 7 problems related to air conditioner (under the equipment category) The most recently reported issues are listed below Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volkswagen Passat based on all problems reported for the Passat

I have a 2014 VW Passat The AC stopped blowing cold air

Sep 11 20162004 VW Passat GLS 4 motion: air conditioning pouring warm air I own a 2004 VW Passat GLS 4 motion - Recently the air conditioning began acting up It will sometimes pour out the cold air and will then stop pouring out the cold air and pour out warm air

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Your VW Passat air conditioning compressor problems can be resolved but at a cost A part for a 2006 Passat is around $998 to $1 430 to replace and much of that is labor The part costs quite a bit as well You'll be set back a similar amount for a 2007 VW Passat AC compressor and one for a 2010 model

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20 after I purchased my car at carmax in laurel md in June 2009 I had to take it back because my ac was blowing hot air after a diagnosis carmax sent my car to a fitzgerald Volkswagen dealership in annapolis md where they diagnosed it for the same problem and in turn had to replace my ac compressor condensor and clutch


Our air conditioning and climate control systems 1 ensure your journey is comfortable - whatever the weather outside Air conditioning and climate control systems keep a constant ideal temperature inside your car ensuring you stay cool and comfortable at all times The air conditioning system complements the heating and ventilation system in

VW AC Not Working

Crank the car turn the air conditioner on and look under the hood Locate the compressor and check that the outer pulley and inner hub are turning to signify that the clutch is engaged If not this may be the result of a wiring problem a bad fuse a broken A/C switch or low refrigerant Note the level of cooling as well

2006 Volkswagen Passat A/C Compressor Is Not Working

Mechanic checked the pressure on the high side and it does not move at all when the passenger side A/c switch is in ON position They did a computer diagnostic and it showed that the Fan was failing We replaced the fan ( $ 192) but still the compressor is not giving cool air Please advice whether the compressor or Expansion valve is the problem

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The AC compressor in your car is a mechanical pump that draws the refrigerant and supplies it throughout your car's air conditioning system It is powered by a drive belt connected to the engine's crankshaft The AC system has a high pressure side and a low pressure side The compressor is mounted between these two sides in order to maintain the pressure difference

Failed air con compressor on Volkswagen Passat

The air conditioning compressor has failed on my 2008 Volkswagen Passat 1 9 TDI with 27 000 miles on the clock The car has a full service history and has been well cared for Is this a common problem and do you think Volkswagen would make contribution to repair? - For more news reviews and Top Tens visit https://

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When it is warm enough to start using the AC cooling air will be blown into the cabin area of the vehicle This is partly thanks to the Volkswagen PASSAT air con compressor If however you've turned on the air conditioning but don't feel any cool air there are two possible causes to this problem: either the air conditioning compressor of your Volkswagen PASSAT doesn't

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Jun 19 2009Volkswagen Golf GTI Passat Jetta and Eos Air Conditioner Compressor Failure June 19 2009 Maverick 118 Comments Early Air Conditioner compressors manufacturered by Zelex/Valeo and installed in the Golf Passat Jetta and Eos until June 2007 have a reasonably good chance of early failure due to a lubrication problem inside the compressor

I have 2006 VW Passat 2 0T I have a problem with A/C

Hi I have 2006 VW Passat 2 0T I have a problem with A/C Sometimes it is working sometimes it does not It blows cold air when it works and outside temp air or hot air (depending on temp control knob position) when it does not working

AC compressor not turning on

Jul 10 2008After we refilled it the the AC compressor will not turn on then to have it turn off and blow freakishly hot air at me for 10 seconds then turn back on again Passatworld is a forum dedicated to Volkswagen Passat enthusiasts to discuss mods Quattro Turbo Diesel reviews and more!

Air Conditioner Problems of the 2013 Volkswagen Passat

Four problems related to air conditioner have been reported for the 2013 Volkswagen Passat The most recently reported issues are listed below Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2013 Volkswagen Passat based on all problems reported for the 2013 Passat

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The 2014 Volkswagen Passat has 583 problems defects reported by Passat owners The worst complaints are accessories - interior engine and windows / windshield problems Four Seasons AC Compressor for 1975-1977 Dodge Royal Coleman has an assortment of efficient central air conditioners as well as some less-efficient options for

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Nov 27 20182020 Volkswagen Passat vs 2020 Honda Accord Worn Compressor | AC System Makes Strange Noises AC System Blows No Air At All In order to push cool air from the A/C system (and warm air from the heater) through the climate vents most cars feature a single blower fan If the motor on that fan burns out or the electrical connection to

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Has No Power to the A/C Compressor

AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement Vehicle Application: 2000 Beetle 2 0 2002 Beetle 1 9 2002 Golf 1 8 1999-2003 Golf 2 0 2000-'05 Jetta 1 8 1 0 1999-2005 Jetta 2 0 and 2000-'02 Jetta 2 8 Customer Concern: The A/C is not working There is no power to the A/C compressor clutch and it does not engage (Manual climate control )

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May 03 2010Here is a link to it directly volkswagen passat B5 FWD 1 8T Climate Control air conditioning ES35505722 air conditioning Compressor - 8D0260805P VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Clickingticking Noise Edit Post on 5 3 2010 - Please read down at the end

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During warmer weather you need a functioning air conditioner to prevent a hot cabin from making everyone miserable If the Volkswagen Passat AC compressor is out of commission AutoZone carries the quality replacement you need to keep cool The Passat air conditioning compressor compresses the Freon in the system and sends it to the condenser

Air Conditioning Fault

VW have now released there NEW passat range Please add any technical know how or info into here Passat model: GT Air Conditioning Fault Post by fazer Fri Mar 13 2015 6:17 pm Seems my 2011 B7 has developed a fault with the sir conditioning this didn't work the garage say my compressor pump is faulty and showed me the center