investigation on frictional characteristics and drawbead

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Frictional Resistances of AMS5599 Nickel-based Alloy at High Pressure Conditions T Trzepiecinski and H G Lemu-Experimental Investigation of Frictional Resistances in the Drawbead Region of the Sheet Metal Forming Processes T Trzepiecinski R Fejkiel and H G Lemu-Recent citations An experimental and analytical study of

Investigation on frictional characteristics and

2013-12-1Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) are used more and more in automotive industry for increasing crashworthiness and weight reduction Improving metal flow and reduce friction are important to forming the part and decrease part reject rates of AHSS The present study focused on friction characteristics and drawbead restraining force of Dual Phase (DP) steels with or without coating such

First‐principles Investigation of Frictional

First‐principles Investigation of Frictional Characteristics of Brucite: An Application to Its Macroscopic Frictional Characteristics The difference in the PES among sheet‐structure minerals can therefore be a key property to explain their frictional characteristics such as the tendency for frictional

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Investigation of the Effects of Cetane Number Volatility and Total Aromatic Content on Highly-Dilute Low Temperature Diesel Combustion Ryan T Butts Youngchul Ra Michael Andrie Roger Krieger David Foster Univ of Wisconsin Ethanol Autoignition Characteristics and HCCI Performance over Wide Ranges of Engine Speed Load and Boost


2010-7-23lastic" ("QPE") strain has four characteristics 1) It is recoverable like elastic deformation 2) It dissipates work like plastic deformation 3) It is rate-independent in the strain rate range contrary to some models of anelasticity to which the unloading modulus effect has been attributed


2019-8-1CRACKINGINZINCLAYERS 133 In the case of a basal texture twinning occurs under stamping which orientates grains for possible cleavage cracking by the frictional force Again abasal-textured coating is moresuitable to resist cracking than aprism-textured one [Mei and Morris 1993] Whenconsidering the orientation of the c-axis in relation to the stress-axis it can be stated that:


Investigation of the strain hardening and Bauschinger Effect of low and high strength steel application in drawbead-tester by experiment and numerical simulation Sirivedin K Krueger K Thoms V Suesse D Schatz M Mller R Conference Paper: 2008: Laser-doped silicon solar cells by laser chemical processing (LCP) exceeding 20%

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Strengthening Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Sheets in Hot Forming–Quenching Integrated Process The Formulation of Graded Component Characteristics Based on Strategic Temperature Management for Tool-Based and Incremental Forming Operations Effect of Temperature on the Frictional Behaviour

Numerical modeling of the drawbead simulator test

An experimental analysis of drawing characteristics of a dual-phase steel through a round drawbead Materials Design 31 (2010) 1639-1643 [7] Trzepieciński T : Badania oporw tarcia wywołanych działaniem progw ciągowych w procesie kształtowania blach Rudy Metale Nieżelazne 55 (2010) 345-

Experimental study of aluminum sheet surface

2019-7-1An optical interferometry investigation of the evolution of surface roughness during manufacturing process simulations Thesis directed by Associate Professor Rafael Sanchez ABSTRACT During sheet metal forming the surface finish changes as the sheet slides bends and stretches against the tools Specially engineered surface


2020-8-15Recently the incidence of diseases in gastro-intestinal (GI) tract has increased annually Capsule endoscopy plays an important role in the diagnosis of diseases in GI tract However the passive capsule endoscopy using in clinic has many shortcomings so the active capsule endoscopy (capsubot) needs to be used in clinic urgently The linternal force-static frictionr capsubot moves in way of

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2014-8-20429 Deep Drawing with Use of the Water Including Solid Lubricant S Kataoka T Nakata and K Kato 430 Finite Element Simulation of Punch Load in Sheet Metal Forming A Azushima Y Suemitsu and H Ogata 431 Effect of Labricational Factors of Punch Lood in Sheet Metal Forming A Azushima Y Suemitsu and H Ogata 432 Frictional Characteristics

Friction in micromanufacturing

2019-11-11Micromanufacturing has become a buzzword since the last two decades The word connotes the following four different meanings: It is the manufacturing of a component whose two dimensions are less than 1 mm 1 More precisely it is the manufacturing of a component whose at least one orthogonal view can be confined in a square of 1 mm side The components of micro-electro

Lemu Hirpa Gelgele

2020-5-5Frictional conditions of AA5251 aluminium alloy sheets using drawbead simulator tests and numerical methods Strojniski vestnik ISSN 0039-2480 Volume 60 Booklet 1 p 51-60 DOI: 10 5545/sv-jme 2013 1310 Lemu Hirpa G (2013) Assessment of geometric tolerance information as a carrier of design intent to manufacturing and inspection

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2012-8-7and Wen C (2011) "Effect of ball-milling time on the structural characteristics of biomedical porous Ti-Sn-Nb alloy" Materials Science and Engineering C Vol 31 pp 921-928 "Numerical investigation of austenite grain size distribution in square-diamond pass hot bar rolling" Materials Processing Technology Vol 191 No 1-3 pp


The difference in the coefficient of friction for the extreme values of the widths of the specimens was about 0 03–0 05 The use of machine oil reduced the coefficient of friction by 0 02–0 03 over the whole range of drawbead heights Heavy duty lubricant even reduced the frictional resistances by over 50% compared to dry friction conditions


2007-3-16On the formulation of a new frictional time integration scheme for large slip contact problems 17h00 -17h20 Ponthot J -P A unified radial return scheme for viscoplasticity and lubricated friction 17h20 -17h40 Graillet D Ponthot J -P An efficient implicit scheme for the treatment of frictional contact between deformable bodies 16h30 -17h00


2010-7-23lastic" ("QPE") strain has four characteristics 1) It is recoverable like elastic deformation 2) It dissipates work like plastic deformation 3) It is rate-independent in the strain rate range contrary to some models of anelasticity to which the unloading modulus effect has been attributed

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Influence and mechanism of frictional wear characteristics of 45# steel-cast iron friction pair were investigated under the 46# machine oil that includes the self-repairing additive condition with different loads by using MMU-5G end-face friction and wear testing machine The capability of generating

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2002-3-5A micromechanism investigation of sliding wear in coated components Proc Royal Society London A 2387-2407 2000 sliding wear micromechanics wear-resistant coatings ratchetting wear rate Circular drawbead forming and drawing characteristics of CO2 laser welded SPC1 blanks are investigated by experiments and numericals analysis

Modelling of kinetic friction in V

Gomes C Onipede O Lovell M (2005) Investigation of springback in high strength anisotropic steels Speed effects in drawbead simulation J Mater Process Technol 57:146–154 CrossRef Google Scholar 14 Saha PK Wilson WRD Timsit RS (1996) Influence of surface topography on the frictional characteristics of 3104 aluminum alloy sheet


2016-7-4duct a comparative investigation of a single-bath lubricant and three conventional lubricants during a process with medium-intensity contact pressure such as the strip ironing test An experimental apparatus was designed using a methodology based on monitoring the friction coefficient during the process Main contribution

International Conference on Technology of Plasticity

2005-10-17a study on the frictional contact problems in large deformation : investigation and application of size effects in the laser assisted forging of microparts with transparent tools : deformation characteristics and evaluation of die safety in forward and backward can extrusion process using a tube :


2020-7-21Investigation of the mechanical behaviour of advanced high strength steels under various loading conditions International Journal of Material Forming 1(2008)1 S 225-228 Sthr T Merklein M Lechler J : Determination of frictional and thermal characteristics for hot stamping with respect to a numerical process design