1.    Civils and New Developments
AM-PM is geared up to do main services for new developments and install stormwater reticulation, fire reticulation and sewer systems providing a complete solution for new residential, commercial and retail plumbing with only SABS approved materials used to ensure quality installation for your specific needs.

2.    Maintenance
AM-PM Plumbers provide 24HRS emergency services to our existing clients at any given time and have a team on stand by that services Shopping Centres and Estates. Our services range from burst pipes, leaking geysers, blocked drains for domestic commercial and retail.

3.    Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (COC)

The  law requires that when a property is sold, an inspection of the house’s plumbing must be done to make sure that it conforms to the National Building Regulations. AMPM can do the inspection and issue a Certificate of Compliance if your plumbing is up to code.

When doing the COC inspection the plumber checks amongst other things that there are no leaks on the property and that the storm water drainage is sufficient and is not connected to the sewage system. Other aspects include checking that the house’s water meter functions properly, that the geyser installation is according to SANS 10254 standard and that the general plumbing conforms to code.

4.    Electric Geysers

Does your hot water appear to be brown when it comes out the tap or does your geyser not heat up correctly? Chances are that your geyser or a component is damaged. Don’t worry we can help. AMPM has years’ experience in the repair and installation of geysers. Our professional team of plumbers and electricians can assist you with every part of the process from general maintenance to fitting a brand new geyser to your property.

Below we have listed some of the telltale signs that your geyser or components has failed or is in the process of failing. If you experience any of these symptoms please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Excessive water leaking (more than 8 litres a day)
  • Hot water and steam coming out of the overflow pipe
  • Water coming through your ceiling
  • No hot water (all water is cold)
  • No water coming out the hot water tap
  • Not enough hot water or water not hot enough
  • That all the hot water taps are making a shudder noise
  • Geyser keeps tripping your electricity
  • Excessive high electrical bill, due to hot water that is extremely hot

Plumbing Maintenance

Civils & New Developments

Complete Plumbing Installations